22 April 2014: Workshop OCWC Global Conference

On 22 April 2014 we organised a pre-conference workshop 'Getting started with Open Education: Everything you need to know to begin open education projects at your institution'.


This one-day interactive workshop will introduce you to principles, tools and techniques that will allow you to get started with open education at your institution or organization.  Participants will gain practical knowledge of the benefits and potential pitfalls in starting projects, convincing faculty and administrators, and integrating open education into institutional practice through examples from institutions around the world.

The workshop will be conducted in a participatory manner with practical activities designed around the following topics:

  1. Underlying concepts and terms, including OER, OCW, Open Education, Open Policies, Open Content, Openness in Higher Education, Openness in MOOCs, Open Access, Open Data and benefits to institutions.
  2. Creating support for Open Education at your institution, including tips for talking with faculty, staff, and administrators
  3. Factors to consider when planning your Open Education projects:
    • Resources (staff & financial)
    • Online tools and platforms
    • Discoverability – organizing and indexing your content, metadata and RSS feeds
    • Quality issues
    • Deciding where to begin
  4. Legal aspects: Open Licensing Framework
    • Introduction to Creative Commons (CC)
    • Practical guide to licensing your content
    • Remixing and reusing open content
    • Compatibility issues of different licenses
    • Proper licensing practices for your open content and institutional repositories
  5. Open policies
    • Why open policies are important
    • Understanding the existing policy environment of your organization
    • Aligning policies with open education practice and institutional goals
    • Initiating and gaining support for open policies
    • Drafting open policies, including examples of existing policies from around the world

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