Université de Lyon, VetAgro Sup

VetAgro logoVetAgro Sup is a new HEI  founded in January 2010 under the umbrella of the Université de Lyon, by the three following “Grandes Ecoles Françaises” in Life and and Environmental Science and Technology :

  • ENITAC – Ecole Nationale d’Ingenieur Agricole de Clermond Ferrand
  • ENVL - Ecole Nationale Vétérinaire de Lyon
  • ENSV – Ecole Nationale des Services Vétérinaires          
  • and several research centers.

VetAgro Sup is:

  • a multi-disciplinary HEI
  • a reference for excellence
  • an actor on the international scene
  • a leader in the field of research
  • modern high-performance equipment
  • numerous cultural activities and sports for students

VetAgro Sup is convinced of the added value of  OCW for the dissemination of knowledge in an open way.We are surprised that so little HEI in France are active in this field. We have promoted OCW  both in the Rhone-Alpes region and with the ministries of Higher Education and Agriculture through seminars and  presentations. VetAgro Sup succeeded in convincing Université de Lyon to join the world-wide OCWC in 2010. One of our objectives is for other universities in France to join the OCW movement. Participating in the project is a first step in that direction.


  • Sophie Touzé



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