Universitat de Barcelona (UB)

UBThe Universitat de Barcelona (UB), founded in 1450, is the oldest and largest public institution of higher education in Catalonia, with more than 90,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students. It is the second largest university in Spain in terms of student number. This year the UB is offering 64 bachelor degrees (44 of them adapted to the European Higher Education Area) and 126 master degrees. The UB has almost 5,000 people as teaching and research staff within 19 schools that cover many disciplines from science to humanities in four different campuses around the city of Barcelona.

One of the aims of the University is to create, transmit and expand the cultural, scientific and technical knowledge and to contribute to society’s development.

The UB has been offering Open Educational Resources (OER) produced by their teaching staff from 2003 when it became the host institution of Creative Commons in Catalonia and Spain. All the open educational resources are available at the institutional repository under free licenses that allow a wide reuse of them.

In 2009 the UB joined officially the OCW Consortium with the launching of its OCW portal that currently hosts over 50 courses from a wide range of fields. Actually it was inside the project though the Spanish Consortium Universia.

The UB will lead the work package on Models for sustainable co-operation between HEI related to OCW, focusing on all the legal aspects related to the reuse of educational resources and the license compatibilities due to its expertise in this area.


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