Universidad Politécnica Madrid (UPM)

UPM LogoUniversidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) is the oldest and largest Spanish technical university, with more than 4.000 faculty members, around 38.000 undergraduate students and 6.000 postgraduate students all running HE programmes in the UPM centers. Nowadays UPM’s centers cover most of the current engineering disciplines being taught in Spain,, as well as Architecture, Informatics and Geodesy & Cartography.

The UPM has an institutional policy of open access through which it promotes open access to knowledge. By this reason UPM has several open digital platforms with different objectives and characteristics, all complementary, not redundant, including its involvement in the OpenCourseWare ( OCW).

In fact, UPM is at present, a recognized leader in the community OpenCourseWare and it has been  the first Spanish university joining such an initiative. The OCW site was launched at UPM in 2005 (http://ocw.upm.es) sharing currently educational materials related to 102 subjects included in the technical curricula.

Furthermore, UPM is a founding member of the OpenCourseWare Consortium and the OCW UPM Office executive director currently serves on the Board of the Consortium. UPM has been a pioneer and promoter of this project in Latin-America, a position achieved by its partnership with Universia to promote Latin American OCW and Spanish OCW Universia.

The open publication of these quality highly educational materials produced by UPM’s faculty is one of the main contributions of the institution to the free dissemination of knowledge as one facet of its commitment to develop the knowledge society.


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