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Open Learning Recognition: Taking Open Educational Resources a Step Further
Posted on 03/01/13; comments

The OERTest project has released its final results in the form a publication, entitled “Open Learning Recognition: Taking Open Educational Resources a Step Further”. The book is the result of two years of research by 8 European partners, and provides the reader with the foundation for the development of envisaged framework, organised into the four topics:

OEB12: Presenting our project
Posted on 30/11/12; comments

Yesterday Willem and Fred presented at Online Educa Berlin. This is the largest e-learning conference in Europe.

Our presence at Online Educa Berlin 2012
Posted on 23/11/12; comments

Next week, the Online Educa Berlin is happening in Berlin. OEB 2012's programme features over 400 speakers from more than 40 countries and on behave of this project we are delivering a pre-conference workshop and three presentations.

The OER Policy Registry Needs Your Help
Posted on 15/11/12; comments

It is an exciting time for the global open educational resources (OER) movement. In the past few months, several governments and institutions have shown their support for OER:

Creative Commons believes that there is a clear role for government support of OER. When governments require open licenses on publicly funded resources, they ensure those resources benefit the most people possible. Publicly funded resources should be openly licensed resources. The public should have access to what it paid for.

Le Monde du MOOC en francaise
Posted on 09/10/12; comments

Olivier Vincent has made a French infographics about MOOC: massive Open Online Courses.


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