TU Delft joins edX consortium

Posted on 22/02/13

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TU Delft joins edX consortium


EdX has chosen a strategy of quality instead of quantity like Coursera. It is a consortium of top universities around the world. Since today the consortium has 12 members:

  • From the USA: MIT, Harvard, Berkeley, University of Texas System, Wellesley, Georgetown University and since today Rice University

  • From Canada: McGill University and the University of Toronto

  • From Australia: Australian National University

  • From Europe: Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne and TU Delft

The focus of the Consortium is very much on improving campus education with research and innovation in education. Because we don't know the business model of MOOC we feel more comfortable with a not-for-profit organisation such as EdX.
But most important for us it fits with the open strategy of Delft with an open-source platform and open-licensed content. Delft will publish the MOOCs with a open-license (CC-BY-NC-SA).

DelftX Courses

Our MOOCs will be branded as DelftX Courses and the first two will start in September:

  • Prof Jules van Lier - Introduction to water treatment

  • Dr Arno Smets - Solar Energy

In February 2014 the second two will start:

  • Prof Jacco Hoekstra - Introduction to Aerospace Engineering

  • The fourth course is to be announced.

These MOOCs are good examples of TU Delft's expertise. There are also enthusiastic staff members involved to create good moocs. We also think that these moocs are interesting for a large audience. The courses are Bachelor level and we don't require prerequisites, although it certainly helps to have a basic understanding of maths and physics.

The courses will be based on the regular campus courses and will have a duration of 8 to 10 weeks with an estimated effort of 9-10 hours a week. If you pass the course you will receive a certificate of mastery from EdX and DelftX.

The enrolment for the DelftX courses will start in March.

Visit the DelftX page on edX. Or see the press release from edX or from TU Delft.

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