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Posted on zondag 30 september 2012; comments

Ben Janssen, Robert Schuwer and Fred Mulder have written an interesting article about business model scenarios for open universities. This article discusses the challenges an Open University faces when offering its learning materials as Open Educational Resources (OER).

OCW @ KU Leuven
Posted on donderdag 6 september 2012; comments

Recently KU Leuven (Belgium) decided to dive into the OpenCourseWare adventure, by running an educational project led by Prof. Dr. Frederik Truyen, who also participates in the European OCW Project, and Prof. Wim Van Petegem. Project assistant Stephanie Verbeken is responsible for the development of the website

Consultation on
Posted on woensdag 22 augustus 2012; comments

The Directorate-General for Education and Culture of the European Commission is organising a consultation on "Opening up Education - a proposal for a European Initiative to enhance education and skills development through new technologies".

Issue of Journal Distance Education about OER
Posted on woensdag 22 augustus 2012; comments

Last month there was a special edition of the Journal Distance Education about OER. After a lot of online comments the publisher Taylor & Francis opened the issue to the public, so now everyone can read the articles.

The articles in the journal are:

Winners of the Why OpenEducation Matters Contest
Posted on dinsdag 3 juli 2012; comments

Last month I wrote about the video's of the Why Open Education Matters Contest and that you can vote for it.

The jury winners are announced today. I have embedded the winning video below. I think it is a really good video to use as an introduction to Open Education.


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