The participating organisations are:

Delft University of Technology (TUD)

TU Delft is the largest university of technology in the Netherlands, with over 17,000 students of which 14% are international students.

TU Delft closely cooperates with many educational and research institutes, both in the Netherlands and abroad. The quality of our research and teaching is renowned. TU Delft has numerous contacts with governments, trade associations, consultancies, industry and small and medium-sized companies.
The website ( provides a detailed decription of the study programmes offered and the ongoing rerseach activities.

In October 2007 TU Deft was the first traditional university in the Netherlands to launch its OpenCourseWare-programme. Since then over 70 courses were published online. Please visit our OpenCourseWare (OCW) website:

The TU Delft strongly believes in the added value of OCW in terms of knowledge dissemination, creation of new networks, enhancement of its international reputation and increased transparency. TU Delft has been very active in promoting OCW, both in the Netherlands, through seminars, expert meetings and a large number of presentations, and internationally. TU Delft is the President of the world-wide OCW-Consortium and has hosted a consortium meeting.  In collaboration with the Surf-foundation, the agency for ICT in Education in the Netherlands, TU Delft has initiated a special interest group around Open Educational Resources (OER) in the Netherlands.

Universidad Politécnica Madrid (UPM)

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) is the oldest and largest Spanish technical university, with more than 4.000 faculty members, around 38.000 undergraduate students and 6.000 postgraduate students all running HE programmes in the UPM centers. Nowadays UPM’s centers cover most of the current engineering disciplines being taught in Spain,, as well as Architecture, Informatics and Geodesy & Cartography.

The UPM has an institutional policy of open access through which it promotes open access to knowledge. By this reason UPM has several open digital platforms with different objectives and characteristics, all complementary, not redundant, including its involvement in the OpenCourseWare ( OCW).

In fact, UPM is at present, a recognized leader in the community OpenCourseWare and it has been  the first Spanish university joining such an initiative. The OCW site was launched at UPM in 2005 ( sharing currently educational materials related to 102 subjects included in the technical curricula.

Furthermore, UPM is a founding member of the OpenCourseWare Consortium and the OCW UPM Office executive director currently serves on the Board of the Consortium. UPM has been a pioneer and promoter of this project in Latin-America, a position achieved by its partnership with Universia to promote Latin American OCW and Spanish OCW Universia.

The open publication of these quality highly educational materials produced by UPM’s faculty is one of the main contributions of the institution to the free dissemination of knowledge as one facet of its commitment to develop the knowledge society.

Universitat de Barcelona (UB)

The Universitat de Barcelona (UB), founded in 1450, is the oldest and largest public institution of higher education in Catalonia, with more than 90,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students. It is the second largest university in Spain in terms of student number. This year the UB is offering 64 bachelor degrees (44 of them adapted to the European Higher Education Area) and 126 master degrees. The UB has almost 5,000 people as teaching and research staff within 19 schools that cover many disciplines from science to humanities in four different campuses around the city of Barcelona.

One of the aims of the University is to create, transmit and expand the cultural, scientific and technical knowledge and to contribute to society’s development.

The UB has been offering Open Educational Resources (OER) produced by their teaching staff from 2003 when it became the host institution of Creative Commons in Catalonia and Spain. All the open educational resources are available at the institutional repository under free licenses that allow a wide reuse of them.

In 2009 the UB joined officially the OCW Consortium with the launching of its OCW portal that currently hosts over 50 courses from a wide range of fields. Actually it was inside the project though the Spanish Consortium Universia.

The UB will lead the work package on Models for sustainable co-operation between HEI related to OCW, focusing on all the legal aspects related to the reuse of educational resources and the license compatibilities due to its expertise in this area.

Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (KU Leuven)

K.U. Leuven, founded in 1425, is Belgium’s largest university. It offers a wide variety of academic programmes in Dutch and English. More than 6000 researchers, from over 120 countries, participate in fundamental and translational research. K.U. Leuven offers three-year bachelor and one- and two- years academic master’s programmes in almost all disciplines. The Leuven Doctoral Schools of Science, Engineering and Technology, the Biomedical Sciences and the Humanities and Social Sciences organise international PhD tracks of close to 23.500 doctoral candidates. Thirteen institutions of higher education in Flanders have joined their forces in the K.U. Leuven. The K.U.Leuven Association offers its members unique opportunities to collaborate and build a coherent and qualitative education.

The educational council of K.U.Leuven University has decided to adopt a policy for open content in July 2010. The proposal involves the publication of an open series of K.U.Leuven-branded courses, by using existing technology within the institution. Sufficient funding will be provided in a start-up phase to publish a series of 10 selected courses. The whole idea is to select courses with broad impact and publish them online as complete courses involving exercises and self-tests. Within the education council, a group will be formed that will act as a quality support group and editorial board. The K.U.Leuven hopes to join the Open Courseware consortium on the basis of this series when sufficient courses are available online.

Université de Lyon, VetAgro Sup

VetAgro Sup is a new HEI  founded in January 2010 under the umbrella of the Université de Lyon, by the three following “Grandes Ecoles Françaises” in Life and and Environmental Science and Technology :

  • ENITAC – Ecole Nationale d’Ingenieur Agricole de Clermond Ferrand
  • ENVL - Ecole Nationale Vétérinaire de Lyon
  • ENSV – Ecole Nationale des Services Vétérinaires          
  • and several research centers.

VetAgro Sup is:

  • a multi-disciplinary HEI
  • a reference for excellence
  • an actor on the international scene
  • a leader in the field of research
  • modern high-performance equipment
  • numerous cultural activities and sports for students

VetAgro Sup is convinced of the added value of  OCW for the dissemination of knowledge in an open way.We are surprised that so little HEI in France are active in this field. We have promoted OCW  both in the Rhone-Alpes region and with the ministries of Higher Education and Agriculture through seminars and  presentations. VetAgro Sup succeeded in convincing Université de Lyon to join the world-wide OCWC in 2010. One of our objectives is for other universities in France to join the OCW movement. Participating in the project is a first step in that direction.

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