D4.1 Policy Survey

After the work plans were created and the grant proposal was submitted, both UNESCO and OECD announced that they were conducting surveys of countries around the world to determine existing policies supportive of open educational resources. Rather than duplicating efforts already made by these organizations, we decided to create a resource that could be used by anyone interested in open policies, along with preparing a summary of European policies found by the UNESCO and OECD surveys.

The Open Education Consortium (former OCW Consortium) worked closely with Creative Commons to develop an OER policy registry. The registry contains examples of policies that are supportive of open educational practice from around the world. The OCW Consortium and Creative Commons did a big push for contributions to the OER policy registry by sending out emails to members and constituents, developing blog posts, and newsletter articles, and advertising widely through email lists.

At the same time, we have prepared a summary of open policies. This summary includes results from the UNESCO and OECD surveys, as well as contributions to the OER policy registry specific to European countries. We feel that we have a good overview of national policies in Europe. We are in the process of completing this information with policies at the institutional level, which we feel will complement the work of this project.

European Policies


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