D1.2 Promoting virtual mobility scenarios through OCW in the EU context

Title: Promoting virtual mobility scenarios through OCW in the EU context
Authors: Edmundo Tovar
Date: 09 April 2014
Summary: The deliverable is part of work package 1 of the same project, titled ‘Pedagogic and cultural issues: analysing successful models for the promotion of virtual mobility through OpenCourseWare’. The main objective of this work package is to develop scenarios for the promotion of virtual mobility by using OCW in an EU environment. For this we will need to understand the different models that could be used for virtual mobility by using OpenCourseWare (OCW) in an EU environment. We will also focus on identifying new scenarios for the promotion of virtual mobility, and their requirements. Later, we will create guidelines to facilitate the successful implementation of OCW and to support directors of education in using OCW for virtual mobility. The main goal of this deliverable is to present OpenCourseWare scenarios for virtual mobility that will be applicable in an EU context.

We provide a detailed description of the processes that we followed in order to obtain virtual mobility scenarios. The description includes information about the various workshops we held as well as about additional research activities. The results obtained through these processes were used to describe mobility scenarios for OCW. The typology to categorize each scenario includes a motto, a description, the phase it occupies in the institutional and the student mobility cycle, and the related quality aspects. In order to explain the mobility scenarios in a graphical manner, we created virtual mobility cycles for students and institutions together with examples of real-world mobility scenarios. These were obtained from students and staff at the Polytechnic University of Madrid.

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