D2.1 Analyses of current practices in Europe

Title: Analyses of current practices in Europe
Author: Ignasi Labastida
Date: 14 September 2012
Summary: In this report we would like to demonstrate the current situation of the use of licenses in the European OCW sites with an aim to highlight good as well as incorrect open content licensing practices. This report will be used to prepare guidelines that will demonstrate correct open content licensing practices.
The report is divided into two parts. The first part analyzes the use of licenses in OCW sites. The second part is focused on licensing practices of contents within sites. Before the analysis of the sites the report provides a short introduction into Open Content Licensing (OCL) in order to understand the meaning of the licenses used. This short introduction is aimed at beginners with little or no prior experience with open content licenses. The conclusion highlights some of the most pertinent aspects with open content licensing identified through this research.

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