Madrid Workshop OpenCourseWare and Student Mobility

Benefits, Scenarios and Guidelines for Higher Education Institutions, Teachers and Students

Date: 11-12 June 2013
Place: Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Building A, room 1

Paraninfo, Rectorado A
Campus Ciudad Universitaria
C/Ramiro de Maeztu, 7
28040, Madrid

The main goal of this two-day event is to showcase and discuss scenarios and guidelines with regard to how OpenCourseWare (OCW) can facilitate student virtual mobility in the European Higher Education context.

Removal of barriers to mobility in Higher Education has been identified, by the European Union, as one of its strategic priorities. This two-day event is organized within the context of a project entitled OpenCourseWare in the European Higher Education Context: How to make use of its full potential for virtual mobility, which is supported through the Life Long Learning Programme of the European Union. The main aim of this project is to showcase practices, develop scenarios and recommendations for successful implementation of OCW with an aim to improve student virtual mobility.

Join us for this interactive two-day event to learn how OCW can benefit Higher Education Institutions, teachers and students in order to facilitate student virtual mobility.

Target Audience

This events targets anyone who has an interest in Student Mobility issues and OpenCourseWare:

  • University Policy makers
  • Managers and staff of International Offices at Universities
  • Government or Regional Agencies responsible for Education & Exchange
  • University teaching staff
  • Students and student representatives
  • Student mobility organizations


OpenCourseWare, Mobility, Student exchange, Erasmus, Internationalization, Open Education


Programme Tuesday 11 June

During the first day, participants will have an opportunity to learn, discuss and reflect on how OCW can improve conditions for virtual student mobility. This will be achieved through a number of presentations conducted by experts in their fields.
Discussions following presentations will allow for:

  • A better understanding of the current framework and opportunities through EU mobility programs;
  • Sharing of scenarios on student mobility via OCW and a review of draft guidelines for the implementation of OCW in order to facilitate student virtual mobility;
  • Engagement on the topic of student virtual mobility with Directors of International Affairs and International Offices from invited HEIs;
  • A better understanding of how OCW can facilitate student virtual mobility.
9.30 Registration
10:00 Welcome
by Carlos Conde Lázaro (Rector UPM) and 
Emilio Mínguez Torres (Vice Rector for Academic Planning and Doctoral Studies) and José Manuel Páez Borrallo (Vice Rector for International Relations)
10:15 Introduction of OpenCourseWare in Europe
by Willem van Valkenburg (Delft University of Technology)
10:35 Erasmus for all: New generation of European Education Programme
by Mar Duque García (Director of Spanish National Agency of European Education Programme)
11:20 Break
11:40 Presentation of virtual mobility scenarios
by Edmundo Tovar (UPM) and Sophie Touzé (VetAgro, University of Lyon)
12:10 Panel discussion about the virtual mobility scenarios
moderated by Mary Lou Forward (executive director OpenCourseWare Consortium)
-  Alvaro Escribano (Telefonica-UC3M Chair of Economics of Telecommunications and Vice-Chancellor or International Relations of the University Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M))
- Miguel Angel Muñoz (Deputy General Director for European Affairs, Madrid's Regional Government)
13:30 Lunch
15:30 OCW for Internationalization: the UPM's perspective
by Marinela Garcia (Associate Dean for International Affairs and Director of the Program of Languages for Internationalization,  UPM)
16:30 Concluding discussion
17:00 Closing


Programme Wednesday 12 June

During the second day, the focus of the workshop will shift to student perspectives. Through a number of presentations and interactive discussions, participants will learn about what OpenCourseWare can mean for students, teachers and various study programmes. A Student Mobility Handbook will be presented and preliminary results from a student survey on mobility will be discussed.
The following questions will be addressed:

  • How can OpenCourseWare improve student mobility?
  • What are the benefits of OpenCourseWare and Networked Curricula for institutions? Can they serve to attract more mobile and independent students?
  • Can teachers reach out to off-campus students through OpenCourseWare courses?
9.30 Registration
10:00 Introduction to the second day
by Frederik Truyen (KU Leuven)
10:15 Keynote: Networked Curricula
by George Ubachs (EADTU)
11:00 Presentation of student mobility videos
by Stephanie Verbeken (KU Leuven)
11:30 Break
12:00 Virtual mobility
by Mariet Vriens (KU Leuven)
12:20 Presentation of the Student Mobility Handbook
by Stephanie Verbeken (KU Leuven)
12:40 The LACE Networked Curriculum
By Fred Truyen (KU Leuven)
13:00 Presentation of the OCW EU Student Mobility Survey
by Frederik Truyen (KU Leuven)
13:30 Discussion on the survey with participants/student representatives
14:00 Lunch
15:30 Interactive discussion on the Handbook
16:30 Closing Remarks
by Willem van Valkenburg
17:00 Closing


The event was recorded and the videos are available on this page.


Download the report of the workshop



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with the support of the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Union


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