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Posted on 26/04/13

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Join ICORE - the International Council for Open Research and Education.

The main objective of ICORE is to promote Open Research and Open Education and to network and bring together the interested experts and stakeholders from both worlds to join forces: Open Research and Open Education can benefit mutually from each other and achieve more impact together through one voice!

ICORE is a nonā€profit association without any membership fee, serving the objective of strong promotion and communication for Open Research and Education: You are most welcome to join ICORE as co-founder with your organization or department (with visibility on ICORE website) or as individual member.
Please express your interest to become ICORE member here

And you are invited to attend the first official meeting of ICORE on Wednesday, 15th of May at 19:00, in Rome, Italy. The international announcement and launch of ICORE will take on the next day on Thursday, 16th of May, during the LINQ 2013 Conference in Rome, Italy.

After the ICORE speech at the end of the LINQ afternoon plenary, a reception will celebrate the launch and establishment of ICORE.

More information is available here.

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